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    Choosing is hard so we made it easy.  Five of Captain Mowatt's most popular hot sauces.

    Canceaux Sauce - The sauce that started it all.  Canceaux is our flagship hot sauce and to this day, remains our most popular.  A sweet, garlic flavor with a kick.  Truly addicting.

    Greenie - Greenie is our iconic, green hot sauce, made with fresh jalapeno peppers, avocados, and lime juice.

    Scurvy Dog - Lemon lime hot sauce. Scurvy Dog is packed with fresh citrus flavors and the heat from three types of red chile peppers.

    CocoLoco Smooth coconut cream, fresh lime juice, and red chile peppers are blended to make this one of a kind coconut hot sauce.

    Blue Flame - Maine Blueberry Hot Sauce.  Blue Flame is the ultimate combination of native Maine blueberries blended with fiery red chilies.


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