Snacks and Gift Items

Nuts and More!

  • Captain Mowatt's - Hat

    Captain Mowatt's Hat

    Navy Blue
    %100 cotton
    Strap and buckle - One size fits all
    Front - Captain Mowatt's compass rose logo
    Back - "Maine's Original Hot Sauce"

  • A Kick in the Nuts

    Nuts With a Kick!
    Dry Roasted Pistachios made with one of Captain Mowatt's secret sauces. Absolutely addictive....

  • Vat 54

    Captain Mowatt's Premium Hot Sauce

    Vat 54 has seven different type of chili peppers that are ground to a mash and aged in an oak barrel for a year.  The secret quotient of pepper varieties joined by an array of vinegars and settling on a strong finish through strokes of fresh garlic.  Vat 54 is a sauce of perfection, a true example of excellence.

  • Captain Mowatt's T-shirt

    Captain Mowatt's white cotton t-shirt
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