Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce

Maine's Original Hot Sauce!

  • Canceaux Sauce

    The King of Hot Sauce!
    Canceaux Sauce is Truly the King of all hot sauce. It is the perfect hot sauce for every occasion. It is an epicurean fantasy. Jalapenos, African Birdseye, Japones and Cayenne red chilies combine with a sweet and garlic assault, with an ultimate and inevitable fiery kick. No household is complete without a bottle of Captain Mowatt's Canceaux Sauce!
  • Canceaux Turbeaux

    Hotter verision of Canceaux
    Same great taste you've enjoyed for years, only now with a more discerning "kick". Identical chile pepper profile, with a higher degree of burn. You asked for it, and here it is.
  • Greenie

    Jalapeno Avocado Hot Sauce
    Greenie is Captain Mowatt's iconic green hot sauce. Made with fresh Jalapeno peppers, avocado, and lime juiceGreenie is the freshest sauce you'll ever taste. A must have for your next fiesta!  Greenie is also sugar free and low sodium.

  • Scurvy Dog

    Lemon Lime Hot Sauce
    Scurvy Dog is Captain Mowatt's famous lemon lime hot sauce. Packed with the citrus flavors from fresh lemons and limes and the heat from three types of red chile peppers, this hot sauce is sure to put any scurvy dog back on their feet.

    "Scurvy Dog" - An old sailors term used to describe someone who was suffering from the lack of vitamin C in their diet. Common in sailors who had spent many months at sea.

  • Cocoloco

    Coconut Lime Hot Sauce
    Cocoloco is our crazy coconut hot pepper sauce. Silky smooth coconut cream, with fresh lime juice ending with a fiery finish. Your new favorite on shrimp, chicken, steak or fish. Incredible as a dressing on grilled chicken salad. Your new favorite hot sauce!

  • Luscious

    Pineapple Papaya Hot Sauce
    Luscious is enticing in both taste and aroma. Red chile peppers, savory pineapple and luscious papaya combine to create a taste that is exotic to say the least.
  • Boston Red Sauce

    Maine Cranberry Hot Sauce
    Boston Red Sauce is the perfect combination of red chile peppers, cranberries, and a bracing tang of orange. Give it a try on your next thanksgiving turkey sandwich and you'll become a fan for life. With flavor as deep as the bullpen, Captain Mowatt's Boston Red Sauce is always a homerun!
  • Blue Flame

    Maine Blueberry Hot Sauce
    Captain Mowatt's Blue Flame is one of our most unique sauces. Blue Flame is the ultimate combination of native Maine blueberries coupled with fiery red chilies. It's hot. It's sweet. It's Maine.

  • Scarlet Blaze

    Pomegranate Hot Sauce
    Captain Mawatt's Scarlet Blaze is the definitive grilling sauce. Pomegranate bite pursued by impending heat. Use it to sop, mop, slather or marinade; before, during or after grilling chicken, beef, fish, pork, tofu or veggies.
  • Fireberry

    Maine Raspberry Hot Sauce
    Captain Mowatt's Fireberry is the combination of native Maine raspberries and red chile peppers.  Fireberry has a distinctively fruitful taste coupled with our signature fiery finish. Celebrated as both a finishing or dipping sauce, adore it on chicken, love it on steak.
  • Shark Bite Mustard

    Mustard like you remember, only now it has a Bite!
    Shark Bite Mustard is traditional yellow mustard, made tasteful through the infusion of chile peppers and garlic. Is it a mustard based hot sauce or is it a hot sauce based mustard? You be the judge.  Use for all your mustard and hot sauce needs.  Feel the Bite!

  • Fuzz

    Peach Ginger Hot Sauce
    Fuzz is the combination of peach and ginger with a tangy tart lime juice whirl.  Never seen a peach hot sauce before?  Well now you have! Now its time to make Fuzz the mystery ingredient in all your future recipes and the nectar on all things you grill.

  • Hot Pink

    Maine Strawberry Hot Sauce
    Hot Pink is made with fresh Maine Strawberries and three kinds of red chile peppers, another one of Captain Mowatt's signature sweet and hot flavors. For every bottle of Captain Mowatt's Hot Pink sold, one dollar will be donated to support the fight against breast cancer.

  • Spitfire

    An Old Hispanic Recipe
    Captain Mowatt's Spitfire Sauce is a culinary delight. Red Habanero peppers, fresh carrots & onions, lime juice, vinegar, crushed garlic, a little salt, and you too can be enlightened in your quest for the consummate, full-bodied, Habanero rush. Try it on buffalo wings, chicken, steak, soups, stews, and chili.
  • Halifax Jerk

    Spicy Jamaican Jerk Marinade
    Captain Mowatt's Halifax Jerk is a Jamaican dream. Habanero peppers, ground allspice & thyme, coupled with fresh squeezed lime juice, a hint of garlic, and a breath of cinnamon will satisfy your craving for island barbecue, and leave you hearing reggae. Great marinade for chicken, pork & fish.
  • Jolly Roger

    Captain Mowatt's Hottest - Smoky Habanero Hot Sauce
    Captain Mowatt's Private Reserve, Jolly Roger is a fiery sauce whose time has come...again. Simplicity in it's Ingredients: Red Savina Habaneros, Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Maine Seaweed. Hotter than most, in no way sacrificing flavor.

    Taste what the crew was missing. Captain Henry Mowatt, aboard the man-of-war Canceaux, rewarded his crew sparingly with a very similar sauce in 1775. Kick up the heat in your Buffalo wings, add fire to your cooking, give it to that favorite family member or friend who "never gets it hot enough."

    Caution recommended .......X X X X X X X HOT

  • Vat 54

    Captain Mowatt's Premium Hot Sauce

    Vat 54 has seven different type of chili peppers that are ground to a mash and aged in an oak barrel for a year.  The secret quotient of pepper varieties joined by an array of vinegars and settling on a strong finish through strokes of fresh garlic.  Vat 54 is a sauce of perfection, a true example of excellence.

  • No Name

    Captain Mowatt's Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
    No Name is Captain Mowatt's only Ghost Pepper hot sauce. Extremely Hot and Extremely tasteful. Loaded with five types of fresh fruit (Pineapple, Strawberries, Peaches, Mango & Grapes) No Name is extreme heat with a purposeful flavor.

  • Bar Harbor-Que

    Maine Blueberry and Raspberry BBQ Sauce
    Bar Harbor-Que is the finest barbeque sauce on the coast of Maine! Wild Maine blueberries with a raspberry twist. Tomatoes, molasses, lemon juice, brown sugar, onions, crushed garlic, ground black pepper, fresh Maine seaweed, and just enough cayenne and chipotle peppers to give your lips a glow.

  • Dirty Mustard

    South Carolina style BBQ Sauce
    Dirty Mustard evokes old time southern hospitality, smoky tang and rebel yell. In essence, a tricked out mustard at its best.  The martini of mustards.

  • Shipyard Beer-B-Que

    Shipyard Export Ale and Black Pepper BBQ Sauce
    Two Maine companies, one unique barbeque sauce! Born in Portland, shared with people "from away." The fine taste of Shipyard Export Ale kept in check with bite and flavor from Canceaux Sauce and Shark Bite Mustard.
  • Mowatt's Great White

    Born in Northern Alabama, perfected by a Maine Yankee.
    Captain Mowatt's Great White is an Alabama white BBQ sauce.  You'll love it as a mix for lobster or crab salad. Great on fish and mixed with tuna. Historically a finishing sauce for chicken, grill it up, and put it on once the chicken hits the plate.
  • Crapple

    Maple Syrup, Apple, and Cranberry Finishing Sauce
    Crapple is a maple syrup and apple based sauce with a spicy cranberry finish. A fantastic sauce for pork loin, ham, chops & grilled veggies, a must on roast beef sandwiches.

  • Portland Picante

    North Carolina BBQ Sauce
    Portland Picante is our version of a true North Carolina finishing sauce. We all love BBQ and grilling, but its not done until its finished and the only way to finish, is with Portland Picante. Portland Picante is a thin dipping sauce, used to put the finishing touches on chicken, beef, pork, fish or grilled vegetables.

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