Condiments and Seasonings

Dressings, Relishes, and Mustards.

  • Shark Bite Mustard

    Mustard like you remember, only now it has a Bite!
    Shark Bite Mustard is traditional yellow mustard, made tasteful through the infusion of chile peppers and garlic. Is it a mustard based hot sauce or is it a hot sauce based mustard? You be the judge.  Use for all your mustard and hot sauce needs.  Feel the Bite!

  • Bar Harbor-Que

    Maine Blueberry and Raspberry BBQ Sauce
    Bar Harbor-Que is the finest barbeque sauce on the coast of Maine! Wild Maine blueberries with a raspberry twist. Tomatoes, molasses, lemon juice, brown sugar, onions, crushed garlic, ground black pepper, fresh Maine seaweed, and just enough cayenne and chipotle peppers to give your lips a glow.

  • Dirty Mustard

    South Carolina style BBQ Sauce
    Dirty Mustard evokes old time southern hospitality, smoky tang and rebel yell. In essence, a tricked out mustard at its best.  The martini of mustards.

  • Shipyard Beer-B-Que

    Shipyard Export Ale and Black Pepper BBQ Sauce
    Two Maine companies, one unique barbeque sauce! Born in Portland, shared with people "from away." The fine taste of Shipyard Export Ale kept in check with bite and flavor from Canceaux Sauce and Shark Bite Mustard.
  • Mowatt's Great White

    Born in Northern Alabama, perfected by a Maine Yankee.
    Captain Mowatt's Great White is an Alabama white BBQ sauce.  You'll love it as a mix for lobster or crab salad. Great on fish and mixed with tuna. Historically a finishing sauce for chicken, grill it up, and put it on once the chicken hits the plate.
  • Crapple

    Maple Syrup, Apple, and Cranberry Finishing Sauce
    Crapple is a maple syrup and apple based sauce with a spicy cranberry finish. A fantastic sauce for pork loin, ham, chops & grilled veggies, a must on roast beef sandwiches.

  • Undressing

    A dressing whose taste defies description, truly a hot sauce for salad.  Great for pasta salad, potato salad, any kind of salad. Use it as a marinade for chicken or grilled fish; love it in stir-fry or drizzle over steamed or grilled vegetables. Undressing has no sugar and no salt.
  • Angry Pickle

    Spicy Cucumber Relish
    Angry Pickle will fill all your relish needs with plenty of added heat and flavor.  Angry Pickle is great on hamburgers and hotdogs, mix with tuna fish, or try it with mayonnaise for angry tartar sauce.
  • Angry Tomato

    Spicey Ketchup
    Angry Tomato is the perfect accoutrement for French fries and hamburgers. The fundamental ingredient in your next recipe for cocktail sauce. Reminiscent of days when ketchup ruled over salsa, King Tomato is back, and hes surrounded by chile peppers.

  • Portland Picante

    North Carolina BBQ Sauce
    Portland Picante is our version of a true North Carolina finishing sauce. We all love BBQ and grilling, but its not done until its finished and the only way to finish, is with Portland Picante. Portland Picante is a thin dipping sauce, used to put the finishing touches on chicken, beef, pork, fish or grilled vegetables.

  • Casco Bay Cajun

    Authentic Cajun Seasoning
    You'll never taste more authentic Cajun than this.  Eat like a true Cajun!  We've sampled seasonings in the French Quarter, traded hot sauce for secrets in the Garden District, and hoisted a few with the local chefs in Tremé, all to come up with our Casco Bay Cajun recipe.  Use it to season your chicken, shrimp, oysters, fish and alligator. Throw some in your next Jambalaya or gumbo.

  • Ghost Salt

    Maine Sea Salt Infused with Ghost Peppers
    Spice up any dish. Incredibly delicious, not just heat; you'll be surprised by the flavor. Grilled meats or veggies, popcorn, any time you'd normally use salt, try Ghost Salt instead. Perfect ingredient in your own dry rubs, wonderful surprise on the rim of a Margarita or Bloody Mary!
  • Canceaux Salt

    Maine Sea Salt with the taste of Canceaux.
    Canceaux Salt is Maine Sea Salt infused with our famous Canceaux Hot Sauce.
  • West Brown Cow Dry Rub

    West Brown Cow is an unique dry rub used as prelude to grilling. Originally created for beef, it's unusual flavor and versatility lends itself effortlessly to chicken, pork or fish. Our local seafood stores sell cases of this dry rub for swordfish and tuna steaks
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