Hot Sauce

Mild to Wild

  • Luscious

    Seductive in both taste and aroma. Risqué red chilies, savory pineapple and carnal papaya, engaged in a provocative, epicurean ménage-a-trois "make everyday, gourmet"
  • Scarlet Blaze

    Captain Mawatt's "SCARLET BLAZE" is the definitive grilling sauce. Pomegranate bite pursued by intimate heat. Use it to sop, mop, slather or marinade; before, during or after grilling chicken, beef, fish, tofu, pork or veggies.
  • Scurvy Dog

    Sparkling citrus overtones, chili pepper finish. Fresh lemon and lime juices, three varieties of chili pepper crafting a range of warmth sensations. Think hot and spicey lime with a sweet quiver.

     "It doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done, or think you can do. There's a confrontation with destiny awaiting you. Somewhere, there is a chile you cannot eat."

    Daniel Pinkwater, "A Hot Time in Nairobi"

  • Shark Bite Mustard

    Mustard like you remember, only now it has a BITE! Traditional yellow mustard, made uncharacteristically tasteful, through the infusion of chili peppers and garlic. Is it a mustard based hot sauce or is it a hot sauce based mustard? Accomplished at BBQ's and standard equipment in most luxury automobiles.

    "Pardon me, would you pass the Shark Bite Mustard please"

    "You can keep your dear old Boston, Home of bass and cods; we've opted for New Mexico and chili, The food of the gods.

     Miles Standish IV, 1842

  • Spitfire

    Captain Mowatt's "SPITFIRE SAUCE" is a culinary delight. Red Habanero peppers, fresh carrots & onions, lime juice, vinegar, crushed garlic, a little salt, and you too can be enlightened in your quest for the consummate, full-bodied, Habanero rush. Buffalo wings, chicken marinade, steak marinade, soups, stews, chili.
  • Undressing

    A dressing whose taste defies description, truly a hot sauce for salad. Virgin olive oil, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic, roasted sesame seed oil, chipotle (roasted Jalapeno peppers) and ginger. In a word "addictive." Great for pasta salad, potato salad, any kind of salad. Use it as a marinade for chicken or grilled swordfish; love it in stir-fry or as a dipping sauce for raw veggies or crusty bread. Drizzle over steamed or grilled vegetables. All this and.....can you believe it......NO SUGAR......NO SALT!
  • Vat 54

    What a difference a day makes?

    Q:  What has seven different type of chili peppers that are ground to a mash and aged in an oak barrel for a year: VAT 54. The secret quotient of pepper varieties connubially joined by an array of vinegars and settling on a strong finish through masterful strokes of fresh garlic, has created a sauce of perfection, a symmetry of excellence, a true cure for CAP.

    something's burning... and I think it's love

    Kenny Rogers

  • No Name

    Ingredients: Fruit (Pineapple, Strawberries, Peaches, Mango & Grapes), Cider Vinegar, Chili Peppers (Ghost Peppers, Birdseye, Cayenne & Japapeno), Water, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Spices, Oleoresin Capsicum, Soybean Oil & Maine Sea Weed.
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